Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bronx Kidnapper On The 6 Train

A Bronx resident by the name of Sonny Alloway age 48 grabbed a unidentified girl off the 6 train at Morrison Ave and Soundview Station.

Check out the video below for more details and updates.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Does Hip Hop Glorify Drugs

I decided to have a conversation on my channel about drugs in the music industry. 

This is a discussion that needs to be had, due to the fact that there are so many rappers rapping about drugs. But I must say, this habit didn't just start, it started in the 70s...with Rock & Roll. 

Check out my video down below.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Christmas At Sam's Club 2019

It's beginning to look like Christmas at Sam's Club.
All the cool gifts are out and home decor.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

I hope these pictures put you in the holiday spirit. 

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Keeping It Real About Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

I'm just going to jump right in and let you know how I feel about some of these mystery shows.

I must admit, I am a fan of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries...but I can honestly say that there are a few shows that I definitely can't get into. 

Signed,Sealed and Delivered: Some of the episodes are good but it doesn't hold my attention long at all.

Hailey Dean Mysteries: I don't know what it is, but it's a no for me. Kellie Martin character seem so dry and boring. Don't get it twisted, I love her in Mystery Woman...but I can't get with the Hailey Dean Mysteries. 

Flower Shop Mysteries: I will always and forever love Brooke Shields, but I have to be honest...I think she's a good fit and I like the show, she just need to let it flow and stop looking so timid at times. I think as time go on she will definitely own it.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Can I express how mad I am about Gourmet Detective & Murder She Baked ending?!
I really wanted them to go on 
I feel as if they could've gave us more but I'm more than grateful for the episodes we have.

Garage Sale Mysteries: 
This show was one of my top shows that I would shut everything down to watch, it really sucks how things went down. I hope they could find someone to replace her, it's going to be hard but it can be done.

Hallmark Top Mysteries

So far Hallmark has came back and just dropped badass shows like it wasn't nothing, and I am here for it! I'm loving all the new shows and I simply can't get enough.

1. Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
2. Emma Fielding Mysteries
3. Chronicle Mysteries
4. Morning Show Mysteries
5. Crossword Mysteries
6. Fixer Upper Mysteries
7. Mystery 101

Hallmark Newbie

There's some faces popping up on the scene, will they be our next faves? We shall see. 
Alexa & Carlos PenaVega are up next is the series Picture Perfect Mysteries.
Newlywed & Dead will air June 16th 9pm

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I just gave my honest opinion about some of the shows.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Presents.....

Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered

Starring: Alison Sweeney & Benjamin Ayres

Kicked off with a bang on Feb 17, 2019 and let me say this...It was amazing!

Alex McPherson played by Alison Sweeney returns to a Pennsylvania (small town) where she spent her summers to record her next episode of her crime podcast, about the disapperance of a childhood friend 20 years ago.

She teams up with a cutie name Benjamin Ayres, he hand his guard up at first but he helps her track down her friends last steps. Let's just say she found out a whole like stuff that when on in that town!

This episode had me so hooked, I felt like a fiend! Lol...If you don't know about this series, I recommend you to go see a doctor and gt on board. Lol (I like to tell jokes)


Just when you thought you had a hit and was good, Hallmark does it again and add..not 1 but 2 more episodes, Oh honey...I'm so glad they did! 

Everything Alison Sweeney stars in she absolutely slays it!

Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man

Airing Feb 24, 2019 9pm

Alex McPherson searches for the truth behind a young lawyer death. Did it grab your attention? It grabbed mine.

Chronicle Mysteries: Vines That Bind

Airing Mar 3, 2019 9pm

The last episode (for now)... Alex McPherson and the Chronicle staff investigate a "accidental" death ruled by the local police. This sounds a little fishy! 

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Jussie Smollet...I'm So Disappointed!

When Jussie Smollett posted that he was attacked by 2 masked me, I was very upset about it.  I felt like things were going back to the 80's where LGBT community were being attacked constantly just for being themselves. I thought it was disgusting then and I feel the same way now.

Jussie Smollett, 

I'm very disappointed in you! 
Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but this is just ridiculous. 
Do you know how many people were on your side? 
This is a slap in the face to the ones that really thought you were attacked!
I don't know what was going through your mind at the time but you us all 
an a apology. What was the point of you staging this attack? Did you think 
about your career or your family? I don't think so!

Young man, you had such a wonderful career on Empire and God only knows what other opportunities  were going to fall in your lap. This has turned into a we stand with Jussie moment to he's a LIAR! 

I know your family is going to show you all the love and support, but at the same time it must feel awkward for them.

Jussie, whatever it is that you're feeling or going through...please get some help.