Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chicken & Cabbage (Pollo y Col)

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Ok let's get down to is the ingredients you need to make the Chicken & Cabbage. A video will be uploaded as well.

Buy cabbage according to your family size..I used two heads of cabbage.

3 chicken legs (skinned)
3 chicken thighs (skinned)
washed and put to the side

1 bag of matchsticks carrots

4 boxes of broth (2 vegetable and 2 chicken)


No water is used in this recipe..unless you are washing your cabbage and meat.

Enjoy the video...

Que Hora Es?......Cafe Bustelo Time!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Learn To Let Go.....It's Ok!

Why do we have so much stress and anxiety?....It's simple....we don't know how to let go of the things that hold our mind hostage.

Sometimes we hold on to people that don't care about us like we care for them..

We hold on to jobs that we're unhappy with because that money is covering our needs.

Life is stressful at times because of the unexpected curve balls that are thrown our way.

So what's the solution to all this? 

Well we can start by letting go of the people that are not worth keeping around.

Save money and look for a better job. It takes time and effort but it can be done.

Life is always going to throw curve balls...accept the the things we can't change and work on the things we can change.

We can cry and stress over a lot of things but it doesn't change anything...all we can do is 
ask for guidance and strength and take it from there. 


Friday, October 16, 2015

Grieving....(Missing My Mom)

I lost my mother at the age of 16 and let me tell you, when she died a piece of me died along with her. She left behind 5 children (we're grown without own kids) the time I was just 16 and the youngest was 11 months old. My mother was 33 when she passed away, that's very young. 

At 16 you don't know a lot and to go through life trying to figure it all out can lead you down the wrong path. I couldn't function on anything, I didn't have a great support system, I felt like my life was just going to go down hill. Well as time went on things got a little better for me. I was able to block out the tragedy for a short period of time but other things took place. 

I decided that after I graduated high school I was going straight into the Army..well that didn't work out as planned. I became pregnant at 18 which I wasn't too happy about but my bovfriend at the time guaranteed that he'll be there. We moved in together and things were ok..we struggled from time to time but nothing easy, but we made it through. I had my son at 19 and my second child at 20, we got married when I turned 21. The army is no longer on my mind..I now have babies to take care of. While my friends were having the time of their lives, I'm home raising two children and married...this was not what I planned. I became pregnant with another child, so now by the age of 26 I have 3 children and our relationship became rocky. Years later we ended up divorcing, he still took care of the kids and made sure he spent itme with them. 

One day I just took a good look in the mirror and just fell apart, I needed my mom, I felt like if she was here my life would be different. It has been a struggle to live without her. My mom taught me so much about life and how to survive, but what she didn't teach me was how to live without her.

I just want a chance to hold her and talk to her one more time. 

Grieving someone you love dearly never may get better but it still burns!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bath & Body Works Mega Birthday Gifts Part 2

Bath & Body Works Mega Birthday Gifts Part 1

Random Thoughts....

I Wish I'd Bought More! Dollar Tree Collab...


My name is PhoneJones and I'm new at blogging. So please bare with me while i iron out the kinks.

I recently started a YouTube Channel..which is doing well. I'm not trying to be famous..I like connecting with people, and to be honest I've connected with some great people so far.

I recently did 2 collab videos with 2 awesome young ladies (Ashley Hobbs & Tina Marie) they have shown me so much love. 

Check out my channel...I do reviews,hauls,etc...

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