Saturday, April 23, 2016

Body Lovin' Butters....

For the past couple of months I've been fighting with myself about opening up a online business. I finally stepped out on faith and started promoting my business.

I was always scared of failing but if I want to succeed, I have to have a positive attitude. I feel like this was meant to happen and I'm going to give it my all and build something for family.

April 22nd 2016 Body Lovin' Butters was born.
Handmade with love and natural oils. Scented with rich fragrance and essential oils.

Mango, Mango Sugar, Rumba, Wanderlust

Prices: 4oz $5.00 (free gift with order)
Shipping: $7.00 (Flate Rate Only)

Ordering details:

Thank you for your love and support!

Prince...The Legend

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
I'm still devastated by his doesn't seem real. Prince has left this earth too soon, he still had more to give to us. He was a musical genius... everything he touched turned gold.

Even though Prince is not here in his physical form, he's here spiritually and his music lives within us. He was always comfortable in his skin and never tried to fit in with anyone.

Prince you will forever be missed!

Rest In Paradise 1958-2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Natural Hair Journey...A New Attitiude

I finally decided to step back into the natural hair world. I've been down this road before so I know what I'm getting myself into.

Becoming natural is journey mentally. The reason why it's a journey mentally..I feel that corporate america doesn't accept the natural look. They prefer a woman hair that's straight and flowing..well not all of us have that, even in the natural hair community not all of us have curly hair or as some would say mixed hair. 

As the years go by more and more women are rocking their natural hair in corporate america and I think that's wonderful!

Now let's talk about the journey....some women would a big chop and some would transition from relaxed hair into natural hair, I'm one of them. I was natural for 3 years and my hair was so healthy and pretty, but I wasn't comfortable because big curly hair was being advertised more and I also felt like I didn't have a connection with the natural hair world. I became frustrated, I went to the hair dresser got a relaxer and cut off all my hair. Yep sure did! Lol...Do I regret it? Yes, if I would've took the time to really think about it and  researched more about protective styles and products..I would still be natural today.

I'm ready to take on this journey again and embrace it. Once again, I'm going to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair, no big chop. Over the years things has changed and more and more women with MY type of hair are rocking it and I'm so happy to see that! 
I don't have soft curly hair...I have KINKY hair and I'm proud of it! My mom was proud of her hair and I will be proud of mine,,,and even though she's not here on this earth..she is my inspiration and that's all I need.

I would love to see more little girls and women rock their natural's beautiful and it's yours..EMBRACE IT!

Love your KINKS..who cares what anyone THINKS!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pajamas In Public...

My mom taught my siblings and I to always look decent because you never know what could happen. So I took that advice into my adulthood and taught my children the same thing.

These days it seems to be a trend to wear pajamas outside. How can anyone be comfortable wearing pajamas and a bonnet to Walmart, grocery stores, etc.. I've seen women pick up their children from school looking like they just crawled out of bed. 

I think there's a time and place for things and pajamas in public is not the place. 

I never forget the day I saw a woman walk into Walmart with a night gown on with her head tiep up, flip flops and draped in jewelry 👀👀👀 really?! Smh.

I will say this...this trend is unacceptable and it have to stop. 
I'm not saying you have to be dressed to kill to come outside, just look decent and leave the pajama wear at home. Your kids are watching what you do and if they see you outside in pajamas they think it's ok to do the same thing. It's not cute, it's ridiculous. 

Replace the pjs with a pair of jeans and a tshirt and replace the bonnet with a fitted cap....that's better than a night gown or pajama set. 

What are your thoughts about pajamas in public? 

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale....Negan

I'm not going to make this long, let's just get right to it.

Ok.... my vision of Negan wasn't what I expected to see on last night's episode. The person they cast to play Negan is too clean cut... I was expecting some rough looking almost fat ugly kinda guy, not a rough voice guy. Even though he was in the zone and played his part well...I still think they could've found someone more dark and scruffy.

This episode drove me insane! The whistling was creepy. The zombies with pieces of the crew on them was interesting.

So much was going on and it felt rushed. I feel like they were rushing to build us it but it left some of us disappointed with the ending.

I' m definitely watching Season 7 to see how this plays out.

What are your thoughts?
Who do you think died at the end?

Wonder Woman Makeup Collection..

A friend of mine posted a picture of the Wonder Woman Makeup Collection that's coming out in May of 2016 and will be available at Walgreen's.

I don't wear makeup but that's one collection I would definitely buy because I am a Wonder Woman fan!
I use to watch Wonder Woman as a kid, am I telling my age? Lol...

Here is a picture of the flyer I saw on Instagram.

This would make a wonderful gift for someone that's a true fan of Wonder Woman.

I just wanted to share some wonderful news about this collection.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Dollar Tree Body Wash Review: Soft Whisper Cucumber Green Tea

Let me start by saying that I was a little skeptical about using this product at first. I started seeing a lot of people buying it and stocking up on it, so I dedcided to give it a try...hey it was only a $1!

I went to Dollar Tree and bought 2 of the body washed in Cucumber Green Tea and Pomegranate Lemon Verbena. My family and I used the Cucumber Green Tea and to my surprise it's a great product! The scent is not overpowering, the lather is great, it rinse well and doesn't leave a slick feel on your skin. I am impressed with this product and it will be a staple in our home. I hope Dollar Tree keep this product around for a while. Why spend $4-$5 on Dove when you can rack up  on this product at the Dollar Tree.

I strongly recommend you go buy a bottle and try it.