Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back To School!

Omg..the time is finally here and I and ready for it! The summer was good but school time is better.
I know some parents are lik..girl, are you crazy?! Maybe a little but I'm ready to have my house back!

Preparing for back to school can be hectic, but it smoothes out during the weeks. I think the first month is filled with madness. There's a lot money being spent on supplies,backpacks,lunch money and the list goes on!

I can finally say that for my 4th grader the supplies didn't break the bank but we had some bus issues...that are now straightened out. He's so excited about school and that makes me feel good. My freshman in High School...each binder costed $10.99 and he neded two of them and the list of all the supplies he needed for his classes, I can say he broke the bank this time around.

I love to see my kids happy about school. every year leads into a different and I want them to get the most out of their education, so that they know that this is what you need to build your future. It is also imporant to have reading time and extra work acivities on the weekend, given by the paren o help keep their brain functioning.

I hope all the parents, children, and teachers have a wonderful school year!

Parents...if you can, join the P.T.A...check wih your childs school and see what they are offering. I use to be a PTA mom and I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Feeding Your Family Under $20

When it comes to grocery shopping...I make my pennies stretch as far as I can. can.
Let me tell you...Great Value brand is really good and great on your pockets.
A 2lb box of pasta is $1.50, the GV brand of pasta sauce is $1, and that's not all...the GV brand of 4lb bag of chicken thighs are $3.12. ..chicken legs $4 ...I stock up on those!

Let's talk hamburgers. ..the Sam Choice beef burgers are $6...I have had a great experience with them. GV French fries $2 for a bag of French fries.

Don't sleep on the Great Value brand...It doesn't always have to be name brand.

Download apps to help you save more money.
Checkout 51
Saving Star

Do some research and save some money...every dime counts.