Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Feeding Your Family Under $20

When it comes to grocery shopping...I make my pennies stretch as far as I can. can.
Let me tell you...Great Value brand is really good and great on your pockets.
A 2lb box of pasta is $1.50, the GV brand of pasta sauce is $1, and that's not all...the GV brand of 4lb bag of chicken thighs are $3.12. ..chicken legs $4 ...I stock up on those!

Let's talk hamburgers. ..the Sam Choice beef burgers are $6...I have had a great experience with them. GV French fries $2 for a bag of French fries.

Don't sleep on the Great Value brand...It doesn't always have to be name brand.

Download apps to help you save more money.
Checkout 51
Saving Star

Do some research and save some money...every dime counts.

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