Wednesday, December 2, 2020

White Hot Chocolate Recipe

The season is here for hot drinks during those cold months.

Hot chocolate is the number one drink around this time of year, but why not switch it up a bit and try white hot chocolate. It's a simple recipe and it's fun to make with the kids.

Here are the items you need to get started.....

1. milk 

2. marshmallows

3. white chocolate bits

4. vanilla extract

5. whip cream  

You decide how much you want to make and go from there, but if you're making enough for 2 here's what you do...

You'll need a sauce pot, fill it half way with milk.

Let your milk get hot and pour a bag of chocolate bits in the sauce pot and stir until all the white chocolate has melted. (Low fire is suggested)

Add a drop of vanilla extract and keep stirring for a minute or two.

Remove your pot from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.

Now it's time to pour your white hot chocolate into the mugs...don't fill it to the top. Squeeze your whip cream into the mug and top it off with marshmallows and enjoy! 

You can also add a peppermint stick but that's optional.

I hope you and your family enjoy making this recipe.

If you need a visual on how to do it...the video is down below.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

New York City Tourist Hot Spots

If you're thinking about traveling to NYC, here are some hot spots that are must see!

I'm a New Yorker, been there all my life.

As the times changed, so did NYC, at one point it wasn't the hottest city to visit.

Back in the day it was horrible, the crime was high, in some areas it was dull and full of abandoned buildings. With all of that going on, it's my home and I wouldn't want to be from anywhere else. I grew with NYC, I've seen the changes over years, the fashion, the food is like no other place. As we move forward, NYC is that city that everyone wants to visit.

Brooklyn Hot Spots

The Promenade

Dumbo (Brooklyn Bridge)

Domino Park

Prospect Park

Cobble Hill Park

Queens Hotspots

Gantry Plaza State Park

Astoria Park

Alley Pond Park

Manhattan Hotspots

Roosevelt Island 

Empire State Building

Central Park

The Statue Of Liberty

Governors Island

The High Line

Hudson Yards

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Park

Fort Tryon Park

Bryant Park

Pier 15 South Street Seaport

Pier 26

Pier 35

Times Square

Stone Street NYC (Restaurant Alley)

Chelsea Market

One World Trade Center & Memorial

The Oculus

Greenwich Village

New York City is full of excitement and so many things to do, you'll never get bored vacationing in NYC.

This list is just to get you started on your journey in NYC.

Enjoy your trip and be safe.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A Life Sentence For Joel Guy Jr: Charged For The Murder Of His Parents

 Joel Guy Jr 32 is serving a life sentence for the gruesome murder of his parents Joel Michael Guy Sr, 61, and Lisa Guy, 55, on November 28, 2016 in their Tennessee home.

Joel Jr was a on and off student at LSU (Louisiana State University and at the time his parents wanted to cut him off financially.

He visited his family the weekend, which was suppose to be a family gathering but ended up becoming a nightmare for his parents. How can anyone commit these gruesome crimes against their own parents?

Joel Sr and Lisa Guy suffered a horrific death, this is something you see in movies or read about in horror films.

Joel Jr stabbed his mother 31 times and decapitated her and boiled her head, he stabbed his father 42 times and his limbs were cut off. His parents suffered deep stab wounds to their kidneys, liver, lungs and heart.

Joel Jr committed these murders November 2016. He is now charged with 2 counts of first degree murder, three counts of felony murder, and two counts of abuse of a corpse. He didn't get the death penalty but he's serving a life sentence.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Attention Halloween Lovers: The Halloween Drive Thru Coming To Orlando FL

I heard a rumor......

The Haunted Road Halloween Drive-Thru is coming to Orlando FL! 

As a Halloween Queen, I'm excited about this, over the past few months I've seen post about Halloween being cancelled. (Y'all bugging!)

Halloween could never be cancelled because it's a lifestyle that most of us live all year long. During this crazy time you have to get creative and still enjoy the holiday.

I think The Haunted Road is a great way to celebrate Halloween and to keep the holiday alive. 

For more info about the Haunted Road Halloween Drive Thru check out their website

Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Old School Buttermilk Pie To Die For!

 Now that Fall is here, that's usually the time a lot of baking goes down. 

I can just smell the cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract and all kinds of spices in the air. 

I remember a time when my grandma and mother would get together around the holidays and bake up a fierce storm, the aroma spices filled the house, fighting over who's going to lick the spoon or get the cake bowl. Wonderful memories, that was such an amazing time during my childhood. Speaking of memories, a friend of mine named Kim aka This Housewife shared a recipe with me and one of her memories of eating good food that the church ladies cooked and served from the trunk of their cars.

About a week or two ago Kim uploaded a video on her YouTube channel (This Housewife) of a Buttermilk Pie. The recipe is very simple to make, before we get into that let me share how she came across this recipe.

Me: What's the story behind this Old School Buttermilk recipe?

Kim (This Housewife): I got the recipe in one of those old school church cookbooks, I was cleaning up and saw the cookbook and started looking through it and saw the buttermilk recipe. It instantly reminded me of my days growing up in the church, in the south we would have tent revivals and the mother of the church would be serving food out of the trunks of their cars in the church yard. The food would be amazing!

So I got in my kitchen and made it and after it cooled in the fridge for a few hours my folks dived on it like they just got out of prison it was gone that same day.

I told someone in the comments on the video that it tasted like an old fashioned, sin killing, devil chasing , Holy Ghost filled tent revival 😍.

Well there you have it, the history behind that delicious Old School Buttermilk Pie.

Head over to her channel and snatch up that recipe and since the weather is cooling off, make a few pies for your family and friends. 

Make sure to follow her on IG:(This_Housewife) and tell her PhoneJones sent you.

This Housewife Channel

I would like to thank my girl Kim (This Housewife) for sharing this recipe and allowing me to write about it on my blog. 

Please share this with family, friends, etc. 

Until next time....See Yah Later!

Friday, October 2, 2020

How To Deal With Lack Of Support From Family & Friends

 Let's get right to the point, if you constantly worry about family/friends that don't support you, you're going to drive yourself crazy and you need to stop!

We live in a time where social media is booming, everything is on the internet and you may want to start a business or blog..etc. Go ahead start whatever business or blog you want, put it out there and see what happens. Tell your family/friends, your biggest support system will come from strangers, you would think people you've know for years would support doesn't always happen that way.

Don't get discouraged, keep moving forward, build your brand. 

I know from personal experiences how it feels to not have the most important people in your life show lack of support. It sucks but there's nothing you could but move on and take notes on who was there for you as your business progress.

Being a entrepreneur or blogger is hard work but if that's what you want to do, go for it and make a name for yourself. Somebody will notice you and spread the word!

I hope this helped someone out there.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Mariah Carey Spills All The Tea In Her New Memoir The Meaning Of Mariah Carey

 Mariah Carey has a new book coming out and right behind that her new album Rarities will be out October 2, 2020. In her memoir she spills all the tea about her family and what it was like growing up in such a violent home.

Let's start with family: 

Her estranged sister mistreated her at a young age.  

Her sister Alison wasn't loving towards Mariah, she offered her drugs. Mariah states that her sister gave her a Valium pill when she was 12 years old. Mariah claims that her sister tried to sell her to a pimp. As we go further, Mariah also claims that her sister threw hot tea on her when she tried to give the phone to her. That's no way for a child to live at all!

Mariah's marriage:

Mariah Carey marriage to Tommy Mottola was far from being a fairytale. Mariah talked about how he would argue with her in front of colleagues. Mariah describes her home in Bedford, NY as Sing Sing....yes like the prison. Tommy Mottola threatened her in front people in the industry. Mariah claims he held a butter knife to her face. She went through hell in her marriage.

In Mariah's memoir she opens up about her life, and from what I can see it started out ugly but her life blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. 

Celebrities have a life we know nothing about and some will never tell you about the past, because of the pain or maybe they don't want to be reminded of whatever happened at the time.

Make sure to pick up your copy of Mariah Carey memoir.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Quarantine & Cook: Meal Suggestions

Hey Friends,

Today I'm going to give you some suggestions on what to cook and how to stretch your meals.

Right now we're all living this new quarantine life, and for some people it can be challenging.  

Let's talk food! 
Are you tired of cooking the same meals?

If so, now is the time to get creative!

Depending on the size of your family, you can make meals that can last at least 2 days.

Pasta: It doesn't matter if it's spaghetti, baked ziti, lasagna, etc. These meals can be made in large pans and will last a few days, all you need as sides are salad and garlic bread.

Stews: You could never go wrong with a nice pot of beef/chicken stew, with potatoes, carrots, celery, sweet peppers over some yellow or white rice. 

Tacos: Who doesn't love tacos?! All you need is some ground meat, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese and if you want it to really be hearty add corn or beans.

What about the days you don't feel like cooking? 

You could always go to the supermarket and get a few frozen pizzas and some wings.

During these times, you have to get creative and search for recipes online, you'll definitely find some that you might want to try.

I hope this helps some of you and if you have any questions, comment below. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

What To Do While On Lockdown

Hey Friends,

Since we're all on lock down because of this stupid Coronavirus/COVID-19, here are a few ideas to help get you and your family through this weird time.

On your next trip out getting essential items, grab a few board games and some Uno cards to make your family night exciting.

Schedule a family movie night on the weekend.

Since it's spring and we can't really enjoy it, do some spring cleaning. Get rid of all that junk from 3 years ago. Rearrange some items in your pantry, throw away those old scratched up pots! Give your home a deep cleaning.

Write in your journal, it'll help take away some of the stress.

Stop watching the news every five're going to send yourself to the looney bin before summer.

Have lots of quarantine sex with your partner, trust me you'll thank me later!

Make a list of everything you want to get done and tackle it each one on a weekly basis.

This is just a few tips to help you get through this quarantine life that we all are living. 

Stay Home...Stay safe...Wash Your Damn Hands...Save A Life!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Quarantine Life....How Are You Feeling?

Hey Friends,

Today I just want to talk about being quarantined.

I don't have an issue being inside my home, I'm usually home anyway, but I had the freedom to move about without being afraid of catching this damn Coronavirus.

I hate that this is happening! 
It has ruined some people lives in many different ways. 

I look out my window and everything looks normal but when you walk outside it feels like a Stephen King movie. I ask myself, how long will things go on this way? How are people with depression/mental health issues are dealing with this crisis? 

This quarantine life has taught me a few things, you realize a change in people and also yourself.
I know I realized some things about me that I need to work on. I can't change anyone else, they have to do the work. 

I feel a shift in the world, something is different..I can't put my finger on it!

I think the best way to do deal with what's going on is to keep a journal and when you start feeling uneasy, pour it all into your journal. You have to release those thoughts in a safe way.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Crime & Coronavirus In New York City

Outsiders think NYC is this fun and fabulous place to visit and live the life of luxury. I agree that NYC is beautiful, fun, the IT place to vacation, but it's going to cost you some heavy bucks and the crime in some areas is on the rise. I'm a New Yorker, I'm speaking from experience.

In the 80's into the 90's people started leaving because of the crime and the cost of living was rising. By the time the 2000's hit it was almost impossible for some New Yorkers to afford their apartments. Nowadays, there's a lot of renters looking for roommates to split the cost of the rent and other bills.

Brooklyn among other boroughs has become gentrified.  Out with old in with the new, but it's going to cost you to live there. 
While new buildings are being built and new faces are in the area, the crime is on the rise and it's back with a vengeance. 

I'm not saying that it stopped but it did calm down a bit.
Within the past few months, it has been terrible things happening. Let's just say the 80's has come back, purse snatching, robbing for sneakers, jumping and beating on people. It's a whole mess! The best thing to do while you're in NYC is to go out during morning and afternoon hours, get back home before mid night. 

Even though crime is continuing to rise, we now have to worry about the Coronavirus.
So many cases has come up and it's a scary situation, but if you keep you and your family sanitized and continue to research on how to keep from getting sick, you and your family should be ok.

This Coronavirus is spreading like wild fire, I hope and pray that a vaccine is made and it slows down so everyone could stop living in fear. Until then please be safe.