Wednesday, December 2, 2020

White Hot Chocolate Recipe

The season is here for hot drinks during those cold months.

Hot chocolate is the number one drink around this time of year, but why not switch it up a bit and try white hot chocolate. It's a simple recipe and it's fun to make with the kids.

Here are the items you need to get started.....

1. milk 

2. marshmallows

3. white chocolate bits

4. vanilla extract

5. whip cream  

You decide how much you want to make and go from there, but if you're making enough for 2 here's what you do...

You'll need a sauce pot, fill it half way with milk.

Let your milk get hot and pour a bag of chocolate bits in the sauce pot and stir until all the white chocolate has melted. (Low fire is suggested)

Add a drop of vanilla extract and keep stirring for a minute or two.

Remove your pot from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.

Now it's time to pour your white hot chocolate into the mugs...don't fill it to the top. Squeeze your whip cream into the mug and top it off with marshmallows and enjoy! 

You can also add a peppermint stick but that's optional.

I hope you and your family enjoy making this recipe.

If you need a visual on how to do it...the video is down below.

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