Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Old School Buttermilk Pie To Die For!

 Now that Fall is here, that's usually the time a lot of baking goes down. 

I can just smell the cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract and all kinds of spices in the air. 

I remember a time when my grandma and mother would get together around the holidays and bake up a fierce storm, the aroma spices filled the house, fighting over who's going to lick the spoon or get the cake bowl. Wonderful memories, that was such an amazing time during my childhood. Speaking of memories, a friend of mine named Kim aka This Housewife shared a recipe with me and one of her memories of eating good food that the church ladies cooked and served from the trunk of their cars.

About a week or two ago Kim uploaded a video on her YouTube channel (This Housewife) of a Buttermilk Pie. The recipe is very simple to make, before we get into that let me share how she came across this recipe.

Me: What's the story behind this Old School Buttermilk recipe?

Kim (This Housewife): I got the recipe in one of those old school church cookbooks, I was cleaning up and saw the cookbook and started looking through it and saw the buttermilk recipe. It instantly reminded me of my days growing up in the church, in the south we would have tent revivals and the mother of the church would be serving food out of the trunks of their cars in the church yard. The food would be amazing!

So I got in my kitchen and made it and after it cooled in the fridge for a few hours my folks dived on it like they just got out of prison it was gone that same day.

I told someone in the comments on the video that it tasted like an old fashioned, sin killing, devil chasing , Holy Ghost filled tent revival 😍.

Well there you have it, the history behind that delicious Old School Buttermilk Pie.

Head over to her channel and snatch up that recipe and since the weather is cooling off, make a few pies for your family and friends. 

Make sure to follow her on IG:(This_Housewife) and tell her PhoneJones sent you.

This Housewife Channel

I would like to thank my girl Kim (This Housewife) for sharing this recipe and allowing me to write about it on my blog. 

Please share this with family, friends, etc. 

Until next time....See Yah Later!

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