Friday, April 1, 2016

Dollar Tree Body Wash Review: Soft Whisper Cucumber Green Tea

Let me start by saying that I was a little skeptical about using this product at first. I started seeing a lot of people buying it and stocking up on it, so I dedcided to give it a try...hey it was only a $1!

I went to Dollar Tree and bought 2 of the body washed in Cucumber Green Tea and Pomegranate Lemon Verbena. My family and I used the Cucumber Green Tea and to my surprise it's a great product! The scent is not overpowering, the lather is great, it rinse well and doesn't leave a slick feel on your skin. I am impressed with this product and it will be a staple in our home. I hope Dollar Tree keep this product around for a while. Why spend $4-$5 on Dove when you can rack up  on this product at the Dollar Tree.

I strongly recommend you go buy a bottle and try it.

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