Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Natural Hair Journey...A New Attitiude

I finally decided to step back into the natural hair world. I've been down this road before so I know what I'm getting myself into.

Becoming natural is journey mentally. The reason why it's a journey mentally..I feel that corporate america doesn't accept the natural look. They prefer a woman hair that's straight and flowing..well not all of us have that, even in the natural hair community not all of us have curly hair or as some would say mixed hair. 

As the years go by more and more women are rocking their natural hair in corporate america and I think that's wonderful!

Now let's talk about the journey....some women would a big chop and some would transition from relaxed hair into natural hair, I'm one of them. I was natural for 3 years and my hair was so healthy and pretty, but I wasn't comfortable because big curly hair was being advertised more and I also felt like I didn't have a connection with the natural hair world. I became frustrated, I went to the hair dresser got a relaxer and cut off all my hair. Yep sure did! Lol...Do I regret it? Yes, if I would've took the time to really think about it and  researched more about protective styles and products..I would still be natural today.

I'm ready to take on this journey again and embrace it. Once again, I'm going to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair, no big chop. Over the years things has changed and more and more women with MY type of hair are rocking it and I'm so happy to see that! 
I don't have soft curly hair...I have KINKY hair and I'm proud of it! My mom was proud of her hair and I will be proud of mine,,,and even though she's not here on this earth..she is my inspiration and that's all I need.

I would love to see more little girls and women rock their natural's beautiful and it's yours..EMBRACE IT!

Love your KINKS..who cares what anyone THINKS!

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