Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Prepping For Thanksgiving Dinner & Recipe

We all know that doing last minute Thanksgiving shopping is a no no, by now you should have at least half of your ingredients. 

As for myself...I like to get started early. I look for the best deals and I make my grocery list of everything that I need. In my household Mac n Cheese is more important than the turkey..I kid you not! So this year my list is simple.

My List:
6 bags of shredded sharp cheese
4 boxes of elbow macaroni
Pot Roast
Chicken Thighs & Legs
Yams (sweet potato pie)
Collard Greens

That's just to get started...I already have my seasonings, so I'm good in that department. 

What's On Your List? 

My Bangin' Mac n Cheese Recipe
Elbow Macaroni
Shredded & Block Cheese

Cook macaroni until it's half done..
Get a sauce pan and add your milk, when the milk starts to get hot add all of your cheese and margarine and stir until all the cheese is melted and it's creamy.
Take your macaroni and add it to your baking pan, pour the cheese over the macaroni..stir it up, (you can also add more cheese with the macaroni to make it cheesier) cover the pan and put it in the oven for 45 minutes (covered)...another 15 uncovered. The top should have a nice brown layer, take it out and enjoy!

I know this was a super fast recipe run through but I will post a video on my channel.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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