Saturday, June 2, 2018

Let's Make Sofrito!

It's time to get in the kitchen and whip up a batch or two of Sofrito! 

Let's get started....

Making a trip to the grocery store and getting all the ingredients and making it yourself will save you in the long run, and it's much flavorful than the one from the store. I must say I still buy the Goya brand when I run and out of my homemade sofrito or just being lazy....I'm keeping it real!

Green Peppers
Sweet Red Peppers
Fresh Garlic
Olive Oil (helps blending)
Sazon Goya con Culantro y Achiote

Note: Quantity is up to you

Chop up all your ingredients, add to the blender with a a few small drops of olive oil. 
Blend until it's a thick liquid, add the sazon and blend again for a minute.

Ice cube trays (once frozen take them out of the trays and put it in a zip lock bag and keep in the freezer.)

mini plastic cups with lid

This is just the basic steps I use, as you start to make it more frequently, you can explore with other ingredients. Everyone makes it different.

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