Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Presents.....

Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered

Starring: Alison Sweeney & Benjamin Ayres

Kicked off with a bang on Feb 17, 2019 and let me say this...It was amazing!

Alex McPherson played by Alison Sweeney returns to a Pennsylvania (small town) where she spent her summers to record her next episode of her crime podcast, about the disapperance of a childhood friend 20 years ago.

She teams up with a cutie name Benjamin Ayres, he hand his guard up at first but he helps her track down her friends last steps. Let's just say she found out a whole like stuff that when on in that town!

This episode had me so hooked, I felt like a fiend! Lol...If you don't know about this series, I recommend you to go see a doctor and gt on board. Lol (I like to tell jokes)


Just when you thought you had a hit and was good, Hallmark does it again and add..not 1 but 2 more episodes, Oh honey...I'm so glad they did! 

Everything Alison Sweeney stars in she absolutely slays it!

Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man

Airing Feb 24, 2019 9pm

Alex McPherson searches for the truth behind a young lawyer death. Did it grab your attention? It grabbed mine.

Chronicle Mysteries: Vines That Bind

Airing Mar 3, 2019 9pm

The last episode (for now)... Alex McPherson and the Chronicle staff investigate a "accidental" death ruled by the local police. This sounds a little fishy! 

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