Monday, September 5, 2022

What Happened To Halloween?

Let's have a conversation...
As far as I can remember growing up, Halloween has always been that holiday that you thrive on all things spooky and horror movies. The home decor was spooky, and the Halloween parties were awesome.

A big change has happened and I'm not happy about it at all! When did Halloween become cutesy? Why is this a trend? What happened to Halloween? Can anyone out there answer these questions? I would love to know your thoughts.

When I think of Halloween here's what comes to mind...
Traditional colors (black,orange,purple,green,red)
Horror movies, scary storytime, trick or treating, and so much more.

Here's what's trending:
Pink ghosts, lavender bats, blue pumpkins, and this thing is called Pasteloween. I never heard of pasteloween and I'm definitely not a fan of it. I feel like this trend is overshadowing what Halloween truly is and watering down the spookiness. I get that everyone is not a fan of Halloween and that's fine, but why we can't keep the tradition alive without watering it down? So many companies are hopping on this trend and it's kind of hard trying to shop for spooky home decor when there's no spook factor. 

I just wanted to share my thoughts and I hope you would share yours as well.

Keep Halloween Alive! 

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