Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Justice For Jalayah Eason

  Lynija Eason was questioned about her young daughter's death, she was released on Sunday after being arraigned on child endangerment charges for abusing her other two children. S.he has not been charged in Jalayah's death. The case is still under investigation.

Neighbors heard 6 yr old Jalayah Eason screaming and begging for her life around 4am.

Lynija Eason called 911 and told the police that she found her daughter cold and not breathing inside a closet. The mother of 3 lived in NYCHA Forest Houses on East 165th Street. 


Jalayah Eason was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, where she passed away.


Lynija Eason is charged with hurting her other children: Jezheir Eason-Branch 8 and 
Jelyenn Eason-Harris 3. 

According to the detective, the kids had cuts, scars, and rashes when the police visited the home on May 26. 
The children are removed from the home and they're in a secure place, according to ACS.

The system failed these children and it's sad that one child had to die before action was taken.


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