Sunday, December 18, 2016

Support Black Businesses....Yeah Right!

Before anyone get all in their feelings....this was written after having many conversations with other small black business owners who feel the way they do about getting the support from friends,family,etc.

A few days ago I had a conversation with a small business owner who feels like she's not getting the support that she thought she would..especially from people she know and family. She also pointed out that the ones that show support, always want a discount or try to get it free. 

One day she went into her website email list and checked her list of order contacts, she had about 20 orders for the month. She went on her Facebook fan page and checked her reviews, well 15 of those reviews were Caucasian and the other 5 were African American. She became discouraged and sent out an email to her customers that she will be closing her online shop. Those customers that she has build a relationship with still put in order request and of course she give them the best service. 

I asked her to explain why she would close her online shop instead of leaving it open and this is what she had to say..."I didn't close my shop because of who was supporting me, I closed my shop because the ones that said I'll show my support and share your fan page and give out business cards, never did any of that. But those same ones want free samples or a discount...those same ones post their new Jordans, Gucci & LV bags, and new cars, so why do they need a discount from me when they are supporting millionaires?"...I had to sit quiet for a minute because I also experienced this and it can be hurtful, so I know her frustration.

Let me put my two cents in this..

There's a lot I can say about this but I'll keep it short, I feel that the ones that are shouting support black businesses..and they're not practicing what they preach...please be quiet. I can't tell anyone who to support, just be mindful to those who are trying to get their business out there, it takes time and money, sweat & tears, research & long hours of building a website. Entrepreneurs are sensitive about their hard work.

Dear Entrepreneurs,

I know having lack of support can be frustrating at times but please keep networking and keep doing what you love...the right supporters will come along and within time you will thrive! Never give up!

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