Friday, February 5, 2016

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

This chicken soup recipe is great for those freezing cold months. Nothing soothes the soul like a good chicken soup recipe!

When I make my chicken soup, I like to use either chicken legs (skinless) or chicken thighs (skinless). 

What's Needed
  1. 1-2 bags of skinless chicken thighs (I buy mine from Walmart the Great Value brand)
  2. 2-3 boxes 0f chicken broth ( I prefer Swanson 33% less sodium)
  3. onion and garlic powder, sazon con achote (for color)
  4. 1 bag of baby carrots
  5. 1 bag of Muellers wide egg noodles (optional)
  6. A nice big pot to hold all of the goodness  
Let's Cook!
Make sure your pot is nice and clean and put to the side.
Clean your chicken thighs thoroughly.
Add chicken thighs to your pot.
Grab your seasonings and season those thighs!
Pour the 1st box of chicken broth in your pot, 
make sure the broth covers the thighs..if it doesn't add half of the 2nd box.
Turn on your stove to a medium fire and cook all that goodness together.

(Make sure the chicken is very tender and cooked through before adding other ingredients)

The Noodles 
Cook your noodles in a separate pot.
Half cook the noodles and set aside.

The Carrots
Make sure they are washed and set aside.

The Soup
You're chicken should cooked and ready for the rest of the ingredients.
Add the carrots and more broth.
Cook the carrots until they are tender.
Add the noodles.
Add more broth to cover the carrots and the noodles.
Cook on low fire.
Give it a good stir..taste..ENJOY! 

You can add other seasonings and ingredients to make it your own!

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