Monday, February 15, 2016

The Walking Dead...OMG!

Yes I'm a serious Walking Dead fan!

Now that's how you make Valentines Day special!.....Omg last night episode was AWESOME! Did you hear me?!..I said it was AWESOME!! From beginning to end I got my life!

I thought it was a dream or hallucination when Sam and his mom got attacked by the walkers...I was OOOOOOOH SH#T!....I knew the older brother was gonna lose him mind when that happened. He pulled the gun on Rick & Carl....but Michonne got him good..but he took Carls eye out in the process. That pissed me off..but Carl is going to be fine.

Once again Ricks rage kicked in and he set it off on those walkers..he was going in!

Darryl saves the day and blast the swallow that!!!
Oh and he flame broiled those walkers too...that's why he's my man!

Sasha & Red came thru just in time for Glen.

The pastor finally grew a pair of balls!!

I'm so proud of you Eugene!!

There were some many epic moments.

I just wanted to release my adrenaline and write this blog real quick! Lol..


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