Saturday, February 13, 2016

YouTube...The Things That Goes On!

You would be surprised about the craziness that goes on in the world of Youtube. 

We all have our reasons for joining Youtube..some are  trying to get their products noticed..some like sharing their hauls, there are so many reason why people join youtube.


Some folks are so use to being popular...getting those paychecks and having thousands of views and subbies. Well what happens to a greedy attention whore (man or woman) they make up scandals..why put yourself through all of that? If you have to stoop that low...then it's time for you to get off YT and get back to real world and find yourself, because it's obvious that you have lost your damn mind!!   (Money is the root of all evil)


What happened to the days where we would call and talk to the person privately and hash out our problems? Those days seem to have gone bye bye! Try texting or inboxing someone to hash out your issues...thanks to screenshots your message aren't private anymore...the person could stoop so low and post what you said to them on all social media and here comes the beef again! Now some would take it further and make a video about and upload it to youtube just to show that their balls are this is what we're doing now?! WHATEVER!!!

Subscribing & Supporting

It's only right to show love and supoort those who support you. But you have those folks that want all the subbies and will never return a comment or even a thumbs up. Tjose are the ones that look for the higher number subbies to gain popularity. ake up my firend, we all started from none to some and not overnight. I think some of these folks forgot that we all started from the bottom. Why chase high number channels? Half of them don't even know you exist and don't care! Stay in your lane..because if you swerve you will get hit! 

Numbers don't matter...quality is better than quantity! 
Support those that support you....PERIOD!
Don't go out your way and get a P.O Box and go on a friendmail spree just to gain look tired and desperate! I be damned if I buy's not that serious!

Yotube is suppose to be fun! 
Let's make it fun again and show each other genuine love and support.
People watch youtube for a be careful what you put out there.

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