Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bath & Body Works Products

I've always been a B&BW addict since the 90s. The sales were always great and the product was excellent. As time go on things started to change... some changes are good and some are bad, it depends.

Last year I started noticing that some products that were sold during winter, were also being repackaged and sold for spring. I'm not saying they haven't made any new products because they have and some were ok. I'm like change but I love my retro scents. Cherry Blossom,  Juniper Breeze, Amber Blush and the list goes on. I was happy when they brought back Cool Coconut Surf, I just love that scent.

Let's compare Cool Coconut Surf and Hawaii Coconut Water &Pineapple. To me they smell the same...when I couldn't find anymore of the cool coconut surf, I racked up on the Hawaii Coconut Water & Pineapple and was content. I guess anything you make with Coconut is going to have that identical scent.

The latest product I bought from B&BW is the Sparkling Limoncello body cream and spray... and let me tell you, it smell so good. The lemon scent perks you up and it's not overpowering. I would definitely recommend anyone to try it.

The best time for me to shop at Bath and Body Works is the Semi Annual Sale..I can really do some serious damage! I feel like I can get more for my buck and the use of coupons makes my shopping fun.

I'm not bashing or telling anyone not to shop there...just pay close attention to what you're buying because you don't want to repurchase scents that you already have.

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