Friday, May 13, 2016

Love Your Curves!

I hate the fact that some people look down on plus size or curvaceous women... why is that?! I guess we have to show our ribs to be sexy...ha whatever!

I will not starve myself to please others or to be accepted. Being curvy or plus size doesn't mean we are fat and unhealthy, some of us have hips that'll make ya flip Lol...or a lot of cake that we can't shake. 

Did you know that a size 10 is considered Plus Size...really?! I guess because it's a double digit. I know for a fact that if I went down to a size 10 I would look like a crack head, so I'll pass! The biggest size I've ever worn was I'm between a 14-16.

I'm on a journey to lose weight because I feel heavy, but I'm doing it for me. If I can stay at a size 14 I'll be happy. I'll still be a plus size woman, just with toner curves.

To all my plus size sistas..
Do what makes you happy!
Keep struting your stuff!

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